What Speaks To You?


As I was sitting in my office reading various articles on MindBodyGreen,

I caught myself saying {silently} … this site really “speaks to me”.

As I was browsing the pages and topics, I realized how relevant it all was, for me.  

This got me thinking about the therapeutic work that I do with clients and how important it is that as their therapist, I find what speaks to each client, and even more important, that THEY find it.

It is incredible to watch the transformation of an individual, or an adolescent, or family once they tap into that source of relevancy.

At various times in our lives, we all experience a sense of void in one area or another {or in multiple areas at the same time}.  I love the visual of the cairn that Dr. Lissa Rankin uses to describe this phenomenon.  The work becomes identifying where the imbalance is and finding that THING that you look at or read and think… YES.

There is always something or someone that is speaking your language.  Whether it be a website with articles, a single person in your life, a program, a band, or a mental health professional.

Isn’t amazing how people always find “their people” and “their things”?

Just thinking out loud today…

What SPEAKS to you??




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