Welcome It ALL To The Party…

Part of what I do in my practice is work with my clients in creating daily mindfulness habits.  It can be as simple as stopping during the day and inviting thoughts in; noticing your body, your surroundings, or simply experiencing your meal.


Mindfulness has been shown to have several physiological benefits {cited from Positive Psychology Program}:

  • Meditation Practice has been linked to increased thickness in the cortex.  This is the area in the brain that is important for general cognitive function. (Lazar et al., 2005).
  •  Long-term meditation is linked with denser gray matter in the brain stem. This is the part of the brain that is connected to cardiorespiratory control. (Vestergaard-Poulsen, van Beek, Skewes, Bjarkam, Stubberup, Bertelsen, & Reopstorff, 2009).
  • A study on an 8-week MBSR program showed that the regular practice of mindfulness increased grey matter in the left hippocampus, an area involved in learning and memory. (Hölzel, Carmody, Vangel, Congleton, Yerramsetti, Gard, & Lazar, 2011).
  • Mindfulness has also been shown to result in changes in white matter, particularly in areas involving brain interconnection and self-regulation (Tang, Lu, Fan, Yang, & Posner, 2012). 
MBSR changed my perspective

I personally began to delve into mindfulness practice when I enrolled in, and completed an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course ( MBSR).   It was such a transformative experience.  Things that I did everyday, became rituals.

Try to brush your teeth, and notice EVERYTHING about it.  Tastes, sounds, feelings.  It is such a different experience than just going through the motions, like most of us do.

There were so many things about the course that resonated with me. If there was one thing that I continue to remind myself and my clients of all the time it is this:

All the great parts in our lives live right alongside the hard/crappy/shitty parts.  

What does that mean?

It means that in order to really appreciate and enjoy the wonderful things that life has to offer, we have to invite the crappy stuff to the party.

What party you ask?   The party that is constantly going on in our minds.  My party is like a 24 hour rager…

Let the hard stuff exist knowing that it is right next to the greatness.

Thank you Mr. Brandt Rogers for the invaluable perspective.

Really think about it…  does your great stuff live right alongside your crappy stuff?  What would happen if you just invited it ALL in? 




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