Set Intention, Gain Ground

As a therapist, I think often times it is assumed that our “work” is done.  That when we “arrive” at the point where we are working with clients on their journeys to growth and healing, that we have evolved and figured it all out.

The truth?

I am human.  I am flawed and while I have done a lot of “work”, I am constantly learning and growing.  This is a necessity not only in my life, but in order to be present and be a great therapist.

One of the most powerful tools that I possess in my toolkit, is the ability to set my intention and guide others to do the same.

In my practice, and personally, I have seen the power of intention move people from stagnation to thriving- time and time again.

Why would setting an intention be this powerful?

It is literally putting our deepest desires in the forefront of our consciousness and letting ourselves ruminate on the possibilities in turn making them reality.

The key to success?  Detaching from the outcome and letting the universe take care of the details…  how freeing.

In Kris Carr’s work around this topic, she always stresses that once you set your intention and continue visualize it coming to fruition, you then trust that the universe is kicking into action.

Deepak Chopra MD, FACP also writes about this topic in his article about how to harness the power of intention.

I recently came across Cultivate What Matters and while it may be more literal and a little less  “woo woo”, it is the same wonderful stuff.


I bought my planner and am starting now!

What are you setting your intention on?  

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