No More Silence.

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death for all ages in the United States.   TENTH…

Let that sink in.

While it is quickly becoming one of the biggest epidemics our country has seen, it is still something that we are all afraid to talk about.   So, I’m just going to say it and put it out there.

Suicidal Ideation is common, really common.

There are MANY people who experience depression and at some point in their lives wonder what it would be like to not be here anymore.

You may even go so far as to think about how you would take your life, how it would impact those that love you, or if anyone would even notice.


In my work over the years, I have come in contact with several people ( and I mean SO MANY) who have shared these same thoughts and wondered if they could make it through another day.


It may not be easy and it may take everything you can conjure up.

Depression affects 20-25% of Americans ages 18+ in a given year. (CDC)


80% -90% of people that seek treatment for depression are treated successfully using therapy and/or medication. (TAPS study)

Those are FANTASTIC statistics!

Here’s the next one… Only half of all Americans experiencing an episode of major depression receive treatment. (NAMI)

Here’s the problem

We suffer in silence.  Complete and utter silence.

We allow ourselves to feel ashamed.  We let the thoughts keep coming and then for some, they take over.

While I don’t have a solution, I am breaking the silence today.

If you, or someone you know if suffering in silence, PLEASE find a mental health professional in your area, call your local crisis line, or Lifeline.

No more shame.  No more suffering alone.  One day leads to the next, and the next, and everyday it can get a little better.

With hope,

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