Mind Body Connection: The Surprising Facts Behind Radical Remission

We have all heard about how connected our minds and bodies are.  The term Mind/Body Connection seems to be a household term.  But THIS is astonishing!


I first began to take a dive into the concept of spontaneous remission when I began to follow Dr. Lissa Rankin and her book Mind over Medicine.

Dr. Rankin talks a lot about balance and extensively studied ” the placebo effect” as it relates to seemingly miraculous remission of terminal illnesses.

Next, I began to follow Kris Carr.  Kris is another pioneer in the field of cancer, nutrition, and spirituality and has shared her journey as a Cancer Thriver working to inspire others to live on their journeys.


This week, Kris Carr has partnered with Hay House to bring the Healing Cancer World Summit to millions.

Among the interviews offered as part of the summit, was an interview with Dr. Kelly Turner of the Radical Remission Project.   {You don’t have to be living with cancer to get value out of these important life lessons, by the way.}


In the interview, Dr. Turner briefly mentions the nine factors that were common to all radical remission stories. Out of the nine, only TWO were physical!!!   ONLY TWO!

That means that the other seven involve our emotions, our mental state, and spirituality.

Really think about it.

The impact that your mental and emotional state has on your physical health and the ability to heal… Wow.

We are talking about people who were given weeks to months to live…healing through the power of the mind.

This is not even woo woo stuff.

This, my friends, is such a valuable lesson at any point in your life and health.  Caring for our mental and emotional state is equally as important, if not more important in some ways as caring for your physical body.

What are your thoughts on this topic?   Our bodies and minds are SO amazing…

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