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 Deborah Nichols M.S. NCC, LPC Intern 

Being a therapist and advocate doesn't mean that we get to forego life's trials and tribulations.

The reason why I love what I do?

I've been there.

I pride myself in creating an environment in which my clients can gain insight, reconnect with their true self, and align their lives with their priorities, values and goals. 

My journey began in Southern California.  I got my B.S. degree in psychology from UCLA ( go Bruins!).  I then moved to beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2003 with my M.S. in Psychology.  My family and I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2010 and are happy to have laid our roots.

My last decade and a half has been spent in various roles working with individuals and families in mental health and professional advocate roles.  The most important role of my life by far has been  as wife, and mother to my two sons.

I opened the doors of my private practice in January of 2018 after spending three years providing behavioral health and special education advocacy services in a medical setting.  Providing specialized counseling for women has been a full circle moment for me professionally and personally.

I am so excited to embrace my own professional journey and growth and open myself to the abundant possibilities to come

Let's see if we are a fit.


A great fit is imperative to doing meaningful work.  I am happy to provide a 30 minute consultation in person or over the phone, free of charge.  

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