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Finding Balance

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Learning Disabilities

Is your child's learning disability impacting much more than their academics? 

Balancing the emotional as well as academic needs of a child that experiences Learning Disability can be overwhelming. In my work with adolescents and families, I address the emotional injuries as well as the complexities of navigating a system that is not made for the non-traditional learner.


Do you find yourself in situations where all of a sudden you just have get out or you may go into full panic mode?

I work with adolescents and adults using evidence-based practice to cope with situations that create anxiety and lead to panic attacks. By working with you to develop a mindfulness practice, identify triggers, and challenge thought patterns, you can regain your freedom and enjoy life.

Chronic Medical Conditions

Have you been dealing with a medical condition that has you finding it difficult to fully live your life?  

Do you struggle to be present and find yourself constantly consumed with your diagnosis? 

I work with adolescents and adults to lessen anxiety, create mindful habits, and challenge the thought patterns that get them "stuck".

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